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Welcome to Access...We're Glad to See You!

Whether you need a primary care provider, treatment for an illness or injury, or a simple medication refill, Access Healthcare Services is here to help! 

No waiting in an office, urgent care, or emergency department...

We offer easy access to telehealth appointments for quick evaluation and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries. 

In-person appointments are available for annual wellness exams, physicals, and health conditions that require focused evaluation.

Access Healthcare Services is now providing primary care and urgent care needs in Ohio.

Our Services

What our patients are saying...

Nick W.

Nathaniel is great! I had him out to my house for some health issues I was having. He was prompt and super friendly. He listened to my concerns and story while never making me feel rushed or that he needed to leave. It was such a convenience to wait in my own home for treatment, verses sitting in an urgent care waiting room. Most of all, Nathaniel was knowledgeable and able to articulate a plan for me that I understood. I totally plan on using him in the future.

Michelle K.

Nathaniel is a thoughtful provider who listens carefully to what you are describing before making recommendations on treatment options. It was a nice change to get to choose the best treatment for me, instead of being told what is best for everyone else.

Laurie M.

I recently injured my hand and wrist. Nathaniel responded to my call within minutes. After listening to my health concerns and looking at the injury, he made all the arrangements for me to get x-rays. He followed up with my progress regarding the pain and swelling with easy-to-follow instructions. I had quick access to him for all questions, and his compassion made the whole process easier to bear. I’m very grateful for his expert care! This is a remarkable service!

Jameson M.

Excellent and convenient service. Called in and received prompt attention concerning my heath issue. Saved me time and a trip to the ER.
Girl at the Pediatrician


Monday - Saturday 8am - 11pm

If you need care outside of regular hours or available appointment times, please contact us and we will make every effort to ensure you are seen as soon as possible.



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